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Airlines Updates

Woman on Southwest Airlines flight tries to open cabin door

June 26th 2017 8:06PM
LOS ANGELES (KRON)– A woman on a Southwest Airlines Flight attempted to pry open the cabin door mid-flight on Sunday. The flight was carrying ...

Former Northwest Airlines executive Brent Baskfield was leader in media, customer relations

June 26th 2017 7:22PM
Brent Baskfield, an executive who served Northwest Airlines under three chief executives, died on June 18 at the age of 74. A son, Tyler Baskfield, ...

Alaska Airlines sets up flight to chase total solar eclipse – with a two-seat giveaway

June 26th 2017 6:03PM
The black disk of a total solar eclipse hangs over the clouds during an Alaska Airlines flight in 2016. Passengers on an August flight should see a ...

US airlines plan next move after Trump announces new policy toward Cuba

June 26th 2017 4:56PM
HAVANA - For U.S.-based airlines, the coming months will be a wait-and-see game after President Donald Trump announced a new policy toward ...

Allegiant Airlines Strands Passengers At Pittsburgh International

June 26th 2017 4:56PM
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Allegiant Airline left dozens of Florida-bound passengers stranded at Pittsburgh International early Monday morning.

American Airlines creates garden for butterflies

June 26th 2017 4:51PM
American Airlines has created a garden to serve as a way station for butterflies at its facility in Tulsa, Okla. "I expect a lot of our employees are going to ...

Airlines Redesigning Uniforms Find Out How Complicated It Is

June 26th 2017 4:45PM
Vera Brown, a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, greeting passengers last week. The airline rolled out new uniforms for its 42,000 workers this ...

Perfect Views of Total Solar Eclipse Via Alaska Airlines

June 26th 2017 4:22PM
Passengers will board an Alaska Airlines plane in Portland and fly off the coast of Oregon to witness the eclipse phenomenon. While the flight is not ...

United Airlines Will Serve Deep Dish Pizza in the Sky This Summer

June 26th 2017 4:00PM
Flights have changed quite a bit since then, but within the last few years many Airlines have offered warm food choices to buy while you're in the air.

(777-200) Premium Economy

June 26th 2017 3:56PM
American Airlines is in the midst of a premium economy overhaul. Starting with the first delivery of AA's new Boeing 787-9 in October 2016, each of ...

Why Does Qatar Airways Want to Invest in American Airlines?

June 26th 2017 3:37PM
Qatar Airways wants to buy a piece of the biggest airline in the world. ... Qatar Airways may just see an American Airlines investment as a way to make ...

Alaska Airlines' charter gives passengers front-row seats to eclipse

June 26th 2017 3:26PM
The airline announced Monday a special charter flight for some astronomy enthusiasts and eclipse chasers to see the totality from 35,000 feet.

American Airlines employees remain concerned about Twin Hill uniforms

June 26th 2017 3:07PM
After nine months of insisting problematic Twin Hill uniforms were here to stay, American Airlines abruptly reversed course last week and said it would ...

A good way out of American Airlines' uniform mess

June 26th 2017 2:52PM
North Carolina has a long and proud textile history. So it would seem since Charlotte is one of American Airlines' biggest hubs, the airline would have ...

Amtrak names former Delta Air Lines chief as new CEO

June 26th 2017 2:40PM
Mr Anderson was chief executive of Delta Air Lines from 2007 to 2016. Mr Moorman arrived at Amtrak last September after serving as head of the ...

Airline vet to lead Amtrak in a summer of repairs, reckoning

June 26th 2017 2:06PM
WASHINGTON — A decade after setting Delta Air Line on a post-bankruptcy resurgence, the airline's former chairman and chief executive officer is ...

Airline vet to lead Amtrak in a summer of repairs, reckoning

June 26th 2017 2:05PM
FILE - In this May 15, 2015 file photo, then-Delta Air Lines Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson speaks at the National Press Club in Washington.

Former Delta Air Lines chief Richard Anderson named CEO of Amtrak

June 26th 2017 1:56PM
Anderson, 62, most recently was executive chairman of the Delta Air Lines board of directors after serving as the airline's CEO from 2007 to 2016.

The man who saved Delta wants to fix America's railroads

June 26th 2017 1:54PM
Amtrak has appointed former Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson as its next president and chief executive. Anderson, who retired last year after a ...

United Airlines wins suit against founder of complaint site

June 26th 2017 1:45PM
United Airlines has won a lawsuit against a Canadian professor who for the past 20 years has cataloged complaints against the airline on