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American Airlines named best in industry, employees get free plane tickets as reward

January 18th 2017 5:21AM
An American Airlines jet takes off at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Dec. 23, 2015. Robert Lahser Charlotte Observer file photo.

Where Is Flight MH370? Future Search For Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Not Ruled Out

January 18th 2017 12:05AM
Just a day after authorities suspended the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester said that future ...

Report: United Rumored to Make Fleet Announcement Wednesday

January 17th 2017 10:41PM
It is believed that the airline may have already scored a really good deal for the aircraft as Boeing is transitioning into the next generation 777X. Also ...

Potential Patch Of Turbulence Ahead For US Airlines

January 17th 2017 10:08PM
After a couple of years of rising stock prices and positive financials, US airlines are bracing for a patch of turbulence that could threaten some of those ...

Delta Air Lines Employees to Receive Diversity Training as Onboard Tensions Rise

January 17th 2017 9:00PM
Delta Air Lines Inc. will begin diversity training for all of its flight crews after at least two widely publicized incidents where passengers said they were ...

WATCH: The search for Malaysia Airlines flight is over, leaving more questions than answers

January 17th 2017 7:00PM
SYDNEY (AP) — After nearly three years, the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ended in futility and frustration Tuesday, as crews completed their ...

United Still Lags Delta But Has Big Hopes of Closing the Margin Gap

January 17th 2017 6:15PM
United Airlines said Tuesday it posted its best annual on-time performance in 2016, but its overall profits and margins continue to lag Delta Air Lines, ...

Commentary: Tougher Times Ahead For U.S. Airlines

January 17th 2017 6:10PM
U.S. airlines have achieved one of the most astonishing comebacks in the past year. Once operating aging fleets with old and noncompetitive onboard ...

Hawaiian, Delta top on-time ratings for US airlines

January 17th 2017 5:50PM
Here are the government's rankings of the leading U.S. airlines and their on-time performance for November. The federal government counts a flight ...

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Australia says cost didn't force suspension of search

January 17th 2017 5:42PM
Peter Foley, the project director for the operational search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the Australian transport minister, Darren Chester, and ...